Unless your real estate brokerage mandates that you have a certain business card template, you need to start mixing things up and get crazy with your business card marketing. Your card needs to look different from every other Realtor’s and agent’s business card out there.

When prospects see the inside of a house after you’ve shown it, their eyes need to go straight to yours out of all the business cards sitting on the table.

When you hand someone a business card in the grocery store, it needs to make them want to frame it and hang it above their bed (ok, over exaggeration but you get the point).

There’s really only so much you can think of when it comes to business card marketing ideas. It’s hard to look different sometimes but there are enough options to make it work.

Let me show you…

Let’s start with the color. Most Realtors and agents use a white background for their card, right? One option is to just switch up the color. Go orange or yellow, or purple, or neon green. Make it standout. Don’t mix those all together and look like the “hippie agent” though (unless that’s your brand), but put some color into it. Don’t be afraid to be different. Just make sure it lines up with your brand that you’re trying to convey to prospects.

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