Selecting a site designer frequently appears to be fraught and excessively complex. However somewhat like a motor vehicle, there’s far more going on with a site than meets the eye.

Use this record to limit your site designer option to be certain you receive a great, functional, site design that matches or exceeds your expectations.

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Assess their portfolio

Here is the designer’s store window and ought to demonstrate a variety of unique websites they’ve designed. Ensure the websites they reveal remain online – when the websites are no more in life, the portfolio is not current.

Should they reveal thumbnails, check the true site appears like the thumbnail. If it does not, that is a potential indication that the new layout has not been utilized.

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Can they use WordPress?

Whilst some site designers will sigh in you asking that question, it is nevertheless a great one to ask. More than 1 in every 5 brand new sites today use WordPress. And there is security in that amount! This means that when your site designer disappears off the face of the planet or changes direction or you drop out together, you are not stuck.

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Will pricing be transparent?

Though WordPress is free which does not follow that the designer’s time is liberated also. That is fair enough. The extras that are included may or might not be chargeable. Including the actual look of this website – whether it is a publicly accessible template then your developer must be up front about it.

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Can the site be search engine optimized?

Search engine optimization is not a universal ability. Whilst you should not necessarily expect your site designer to be completely knowledgeable about all the latest hints and tricks, you will find several search engine optimization elements which have been in existence since the internet was created.