Digital marketing is a very trending topic at the current time. People all around are learning, practicing and working in the digital field.

It is being said that Digital Marketing is the future as it has a great scope. Further, being a completely practical subject, it is drawing great attention particularly from the youth.

Digital Marketing is a very vast topic. To be brief, any marketing which is being done via different digital platforms can be called Digital Marketing. People all around the world are moving towards Digital Marketing for their marketing purposes.

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Since Digital Marketing is a very wide subject, it consists of so many elements like email-marketing, affiliate marketing, paid marketing and many more.

But here we will be discussing only one component of Digital marketing i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is a very important element of digital marketing. In fact, it is one of the best tools of marketing for the startups and the people who are new to digital marketing. This is because Search engine optimization is completely cost-free and doesn’t require any investment.

Let’s first start by understanding what exactly search engine optimization is? Search Engine Optimization is the name given to an activity which attempts to improve the rankings of a webpage or a website in the search results of a search engine via organically earned clicks and not paid clicks.

Search engine optimization takes a lot of time to reap results. But once the results are achieved, they are long lasting till any better quality is achieved.


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Under Search Engine Optimization, we have to build trust in the eyes of Google and the users regarding our website’s legitimacy. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization takes time to give results contrary to the paid ads which give instant results and business.