Are you thinking of starting a new business? You have a great business idea but you are not sure where to start from. This article will give you a checklist for starting a new business. Here you will find all information on business names, products or services, business insurance and so on.

So let’s begin!

Business Names

New Business Set Up

The first thing that you have to consider is a good business name. Make a list of names that are easy for your clienteles to pronounce and memorize. It should not be too long that it limits itself to web page design or social media. After selecting a name, get it registered.

Product and service

Next, decide on what you want to sell, whether it is products, services or both. Do a little research on your local market to find your competition and explore what they are providing to their customers. Compare their products, services and prices from yours.

Business Planning

Business Insurance

What if your business could not be a success? Insurance is really significant for any business. It protects you from any loss or damage. Before starting a business, you must take advice from a business consulting firm like Swissfirma so that the chances of your loss are less.


Keeping a record is essential. Take some time to learn the basics of doing business. You may take help of the internet in doing so. You may also buy an easy accounting software package to get the things more arranged and clear.

New Business Set Up

Business Marketing

Make a proper marketing plan for your business. You may make use of templates and ideas available online. The following are some simple marketing strategies that will help you to get started:

  • Decide your budget and stick to it.
  • Build relationships with your customers and find their needs.
  • Make use of business cards and don’t be shy about distributing it.
  • Include social media in your marketing strategy.

These were some tips that you can use in setting up of a new business. To read more regarding this, you may take help of the internet.