Affiliate Bootcamp runned on ClickFunnels is basically a training program which aids helps in making money by endorsing ClickFunnels, a sales funnel builder.  The program is specifically designed to help people retire in hundred days.

Affiliate Bootcamp was precisely designed to be a complete training course for ClickFunnels Affiliates to market and sell ClickFunnels products and services.  Here is a detailed ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp review. 

As specified previous, the primary goal of Affiliate Bootcamp is to aid people retiting in coming 100 days by endorsing ClickFunnels.  

For every recommendation you make to ClickFunnel, you earn a scheduled recurring commission which is up to 40 % recurrent.  SO…Need to find out what is clickfunnels?

Likewise, if you recommend at least one member to ClickFunnels per day, for hundred days, you will have referred 100 members.

This will make you earn a total monthly commission of approx. $3880 USD.

Moreover, if you have 100 active ClickFunnels users, you will get up to $500 payment for your car.  The program also permits you to earn a commission on your Sticky Cookie.

When you visit the website’s landing page, you get an introduction video that tells you how you can retire in 100 days. The video does not provide any info about what the entire course is all about.

There are many factors that determine the legitimacy of an affiliate marketing program. A legal affiliate program must offer what it aptitudes. The goal of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is to help you retire in 100 days.

Once you sign up for the program, you will gain access to the membership. You will get an introduction that teaches you how program works and what to expect.  There is also an FAQ section that provides answers some of your most common concerns.

Each of these introductory videos is about an hour long. As you proceed, the videos become shorter, but you have to do assignments. Last but not the least; do not forget to check out our post to fetch more related details.