Technology has transformed agriculture industry in developed countries however, still, today much not has changed in the rural areas of developing countries. But with the right technology and agricultural research service, they can get success in carrying out the farming activities.

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The agri extension and advisory services are pertinent to smallholder farmers, who continue to be the core of the farming and food supply chains in developing countries. Moreover, offering farmers with well-timed and significant information, access to credit and improved market costs could go a long way in addressing global poverty and enhancing agricultural output.

The timely and appropriate information aspect, particularly with the role of technology to unite farmers with the information they need has received much attention in the last decade. There is a growing body of experience providing lessons on factors essential for thriving ICT applications in agricultural extension and on how ICT can direct to valuable change in conduct amid poor farmers.

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Role of agricultural extension

According to research surveys on agriculture statistics, the agricultural extension which is also referred to as agricultural advisory services play a crucial role. It is relevant for promoting agricultural production, increasing food security, improving rural livelihoods, and promoting agriculture as an engine of pro-poor economic growth.

Below mentioned are the specific responsibilities handled by agri-extension services:

  • It aims to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities.
  • It changes production systems so that they develop rural livelihoods and prolong the resource base.

  • It improves agriculture and the social, economic and political status of rural communities. You may pop over to this site to get to know about in more detail about the technology in rural area farming.
  • It enhances productivity and livelihoods for farmers.
  • Helps in attaining higher levels of efficiency in the agriculture enterprise.
  • Helps in accomplishing food security and develops rural livelihoods.