Customers who visit your restaurant will expect great food and great service from your restaurant staff, and if you don’t deliver both, they likely won’t return. Believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to make your restaurant stand out has a lot to do with your customer service.


If you want to be one of the top restaurants in Napa Valley then emphasize on delivering great customer service.

Customer service isn’t just the responsibility of one person managing the restaurant, it’s the responsibility of the entire staff of your restaurant, from the manager to the busboy. Every member of your staff should know what you and your customers expect, so when it is the matter of customer service, your staff should be well-trained in all aspects of hospitality.

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For giving your customer’s a great experience at your restaurant you should strictly follow the below-given methods:

  • Document Your Standards – Whether it is plate presentation, cleanliness, customer service, or anything else that goes on in your restaurant, you must document your standards and train staff, accordingly.
  • Follow Up – You need to follow up with your staff when it comes to the standards you have put in place. Have regular team meetings to discuss the plan to keep everyone. Checking to see that your employees are doing things the way you want them to be done. It is a very critical aspect of your restaurant’s success.

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  • Personalize The Guest Experiences – Train your team on “service with a smile” hospitality concepts, and to project warmth and friendliness in their communication. Things like eye contact and friendly body language, though simple, will make or break any encounter. When guests have great experiences, they return to your restaurant and become your loyal customer.
  • Respond to Concerns – No restaurant is immune to a customer complaint. All restaurants should have an action plan in place for when something goes wrong. You should follow below-mentioned points in the case, of a problem arises:
  1. Listen intently to the customer’s problem and take every measure you can do to
  2. empathize with them without interrupting.
  3. Own the mistake and acknowledge the problem. Let them know you are sorry.
  4. Stay calm, especially if you don’t agree with your customer.
  5. Maintain eye contact and watch your body language.
  6. Try to discuss a solution that is suitable for both of you.

You can read this useful reference for gathering more detailed info on how to enhance customer service. By providing excellent service ultimately you will have loyal customers who are the key ingredient to generating revenue.