Army tents are not at all new and have been around for a very long time.

As per the historians, it has been documented that army tents are being used since Biblical times or may be older than this era also.

Standard ridge tent design is the oldest of all designs but it is still in use at many places. Technological novelties have changed the materials and design castoff for these tents but their fundamental purpose has not been changed yet.

With time, lots of amendments have been done in army tents and manufacturers still continuing to make them better and better.

Today, a lot of companies are there that are doing an effortless job to make these army tents better, unique and favorable for all weather conditions.

Military surplus tents

One of such military tent manufacturers is US Military tent, here is their official web link for your kind consideration:

US Military tent concentrates in providing excellent and genuine military surplus to both public and private sectors.

They are in this field for past 30 years and they have successfully managed in maintaining their position in top-class manufacturer’s list.

But being a private company, people often come up and ask for the need of picking military tents in spite of any regular tent?

Well, there are some of the great difference between Regular and Military Tents, which make military tents stand above regular tents. Few of them are mentioned below:

• Years back, these tents used leather for the materials but now linen, hemp canvas, vinyl or other durable materials are being used to make tents for military surplus needs.

• These tents are made from superb fabrics to offer durability to the tents so that they can be used again and again for many years to come.

Military tent

• They are kept lightweight so that they can easily be carried anywhere without any hassle.

• You can even find out more about military tents and in what manner they are useful from various useful web sources also.

• They are very useful in odd weather conditions, especially for soldiers that guard the borders, help in rescuing people from disasters.

• Military tents are available in all sizes, one just need to pick one according to his or her need and affordability.