Before you set ahead to buy a wine refrigerator, you need to first understand what a wine refrigerator is and what it isn’t. A wine refrigerator is not a wine cellar.

A wine cellar refrigerator or cooler is a short-term storage device. Its persistence is to store wine at appropriate serving temperatures which range from 40 to 65°F depending on the type of wines need to be stored in it.

A wine cellar or high-end wine cellar fridge is specially designed for long-term storage and is intended to keep wine at its optimal aging temperature (55°F for all wines).

These fridges are even designed to minimize temperature fluctuations, create a relative humidity up to 70%, protect against ultraviolet light and vibrations.

Most of the wine coolers have double-paned glass doors that aid in maintaining temperature through increased insulation. They also offer specific protection against UV, though some manufacturers add tint for extra protection.

Flattening legs help lessen down the vibration and some high-end wine refrigerators.

It would be better if you keep an option of Wine Cooler Split system, so that in case if the fridge is not working due to any reason, your precious wines do not come in contact with humidity and moisture, making their taste bitter.

Features of the very best Wine beverage Refrigerators and Coolers

Temperature Range

The principal function of an wine bottle chiller is to chill wines to proper serving temperature ranges. So, a good wine chiller should have a reliable temp range, at least 45 – 65?F.

Wine Protection

How much safety is essential in a short-term safe-keeping device? Well from the ideal conditions in the above list, harm from UV rays is most probably that occurs in a brief time frame (time), so UV safeguard is necessary, a lot more the better.

Damage induced by drying out corks or too little humidity occurs over a subject of a few months and must not be a problem so long as your wine is stored for brief intervals; the same can be said for vibrations.

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