Don’t just simply throw away your empty jars in your dust bin. If you’re pondering what to do with the left out empty glass jars, certainly you’ve come to the right place.

Either way, plastic jars are not good for health, even health experts have clearly mentioned to reduce the use of plastic made items, as much as possible.

But the question is still disturbing you that what will you do with these left out empty glass jars.

After reading this article, visit to collect more exclusive ideas on reusing glass jars.

Meanwhile read out dome of the very best ideas to use these jars, effectively. Firstly, clean and sterilize your empty jars before reprocessing them so either twig them in the dishwasher or dip them in a bowl of hot, soapy water for a few hours.  (Note: Prefer glass containers with lids only.)

This will in fact help you in getting rid of any sticky labels, if there is any.

After that try any of these ideas mentioned below to use these jars at home the way you want:

  1. Use empty jars to serve fruity cocktails & Summer punch
  2. Make your own snow globes with empty jars
  3. Hold tapered candles in them
  4. Fill jars up with trifles and other heavenly treats
  5. Empty glass jars are the perfect place to store nuts & bolts
  6. Display your cut flowers
  7. How to make a pin cushion
  8. Make a beautiful terrarium
  9. Use them to replace kids party bags
  10. Use empty jars to make tea light hangings

  1. Create a rainbow in a jar
  2. Can make a holiday memory jar
  3. Make a mini measuring jug
  4. Use empty jars to bake your breakfast eggs
  5. Give the gift of hot chocolate
  6. Add a natural fragrance to your home (make natural room scents in jars)
  7. Use empty jars to make lovely photo frames
  8. Prepare salad in a jar or jam jar noodles

Ideas are in abundance, just need to explore them, try some of them , they are actually fun. Other than these, you can even hop on to this post to explore more creative ideas.