It is quite fascinating to travel to another city or country as it is a great way to enjoy as well as to get to know about that place’s history, culture, people etc. Now, one of the countries in Europe where each year numerous people go on vacation in Russia. As this country is rich in culture and heritage and has beautiful buildings and countryside.

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If you are traveling to Russia then you can stay at best Russia hotels at affordable prices which will more enhance the experience of your stay. Now the first step that is to be focused on while planning to travel to Russia or that matter any country is to get a visa. Obtaining a visa is quite a complicated and confusing procedure however by researching properly you can get it easily without any hassles.

In order to get the visa without any troubles, it is essential that you appropriately handle all the paperwork as well as you must have all the required documents. Some people handle the entire process of obtaining a visa on their own and some also opt for taking help of travel agencies.

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Latter is a better alternative as it ensures that there won’t be any mistake in your visa application and it makes certain that you will definitely get your visa to Russia. The agent of the travel agency will ask you for your passport, and Russian visa invitation letter to fill in the details in your visa application.

Other documents that are asked by the Russian govt. for visa application are consulate-specific documents, which comprises a letter from an employer for a business trip, visa photographs. Also, it is mandatory that your passport must have a validity period of up to 6 months after the Russian travel visa expires.

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You can hop over to this site to read which country’s citizens don’t need a visa to travel to Russia. As well as it also contains information about different types of visa that are according to varied situations.